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PlayStation thinks the X button is called "cross" and it's worse than gif man saying "jif"

I want to start this quick news post by saying, with full confidence and the utmost respect to PlayStation UK: no. F**k no. Absolutely not.

You see, Sony put out a tweet over the weekend and it made me extremely cross (little joke for you there). Here is the tweet, for which the person who wrote it should be sent to jail for the rest of their lives:

They’re trying to say the X button - eggs, ekks, ex - is actually called “cross”. It reminds me of when the person who invented the word gif tried to tell everyone it’s pronounced “jif”. Newsflash, buddy - it’s f**king not.

This tweet made me want the void to claim me right then and there. But then I forgot about it. Then, yesterday, I booted up Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, and I stalled on the main menu. Suddenly, a prompt: “Press the cross button to start.” No!

Jesus was crucified on a cross and it didn’t look like that. That’s an X, like X marks the spot. Give it a rest, Sony. We’re taking this one out of your hands.

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