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PlayStation Plus September games reportedly leaked

It looks like next month's PlayStation Plus line-up has leaked, as is becoming very common.

We're just a day or two away from Sony officially revealing the PlayStation Plus line-up for September, but some have leaked it early.

According to a post on French deals site Dealabs, PlayStation Plus members can look forward to three free games in September.

As always, one of those is a native PS5 title. In this case, that's Overcooked All You Can Eat, a fifth anniversary collection that includes both Overcooked games and their DLC. The bundle also adds new content, and remasters old levels for new consoles.

The two other Plus titles are PS4 games, but both are playable on PS5 thanks to backwards compatibility. According to the post, they're Hitman 2, and asymmetrical multiplayer shooter Predator: Hunting Grounds.

The user who posted the leak has a decent track record when it comes to revealing PlayStation Plus games ahead of time. They've been correct in a few instances in the past.

That said, it's worth taking the leak with a pinch of salt. Even if that was indeed the line-up at one point, plans sometimes change and we could end up with slightly or completely different games.

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