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Hitman's latest target is MMA lad Conor McGregor, even though Agent 47 can probably avoid his fists of fury by just shooting him in the face

Hey, nice try Mr Notorious, but you brought some killer kicks to a sniper rifle fight.

Agent 47 and Conor McGregor in Hitman World of Assassination.
Image credit: Io Interactive

Get this - Conor McGregor, yeah the loud Irish guy of MMA and, er, other stuff fame is coming to Hitman World of Assasination as Agent 47 next big elusive target. I bet the bald guy'd be scared too, if he didn't have access to guns that kind of make it a bit pointless having a lethal rear naked choke.

Yep, as announced by Io Interactive, McGregor himself will be arriving in the big amalgamation of most recent Hitman games between today, June 27, and July 29. He's the latest elusive target on Agent 47's list, going by the codename "The Disruptor", which is also the moniker of most unruly schoolchildren.

In case you're wondering, The Disruptor is "a multi-millionaire MMA Fighter with worldwide fame who started a feud with the CEO of a prominent tech company, putting a target on his back in the process", with the setup being that McGregor's set to fight that CEO - a guy called Tim - in a cage.

The fight's taking place on the isle of Sgàil from Hitman 2 - which is a pretty decent location, if not my favorite from the modern Hitman trilogy (I'd probably Miami's the one I like best, because I'm basic) - with Tim's corporate peeps having put a bounty on McGregor's head to stop their boy getting embarrassed.

Here's the thing though, while I'm assuming there'll be impetus to take out The Disruptor in a manner that sees 47 out-fight him in hand-to-hand combat, surely you'll just be able to shoot him in the head or poison his whiskey like any other target. At least if this crossover was a taking place in a fighting game, you'd be restricted to having to batter him with your fists and feet, but hey. Who knows, maybe Conor will actually have been given a gun to shoot at you with if you try to piano wire him, and that's the big twist.

What we do know is that this update's also bringing a bunch of McGregor-themed goodies to the game, including a money pit for your safehouse, and a pretty swanky fur coat for 47. Also McGregor said the following: "The age of the Disruptor is here! I had a lot of fun creating the character and bringing him to life. I can’t wait for players to try to take him down - Agent 47 is in for the fight of his life!"

Are you planning to shoot The Disruptor from three miles away and clock off for tea and biscuits? Let us know below?

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