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PlayStation Now UK beta rental prices subject to change, says Sony

PlayStation Now doesn't look like super good value at present, but that may change.


The UK PS Now beta added paid rentals earlier this week and the prices astounded local gamers.

PlayStation 3 games were listed at £5 for two days or £10 for 30 days. PSN games are slightly cheaper at £3 for two days or £8 for 30 days.

While that might seem reasonable at first glance, many of the games on offer can be purchased outright at retailers for the same price - or less.

Thankfully, it looks like PlayStation UK is open to feedback.

"During the paid private beta the titles will be priced between £2.99 and £9.99," a spokesperson told Eurogamer.

"Final pricing for when PS Now fully launches has not been confirmed yet but we'll continue to listen to gamer feedback on this subject.

"PS Now is an evolving service and user feedback will be a key part of our service design decisions, including content and pricing."

PlayStation Now streams to PlayStation 3, PS4, Vita and select Sony Bravia TVs. It also recently became available on some Samsung TVs. The service is as yet only available in a few select regions.

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