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PlayStation 4 pre-orders "unlimited" at GameStop - rumour

Sony is said to be so confident it can supply retail with PlayStation 4 consoles at launch that it advised GameStop to pre-sell as many as it likes.

Retailers are generally awarded an allocation of stock, spread across its outlets, and take pre-orders up to this limit. But according to a memo on GameTrailers and sources speaking to CVG, major chain GameStop was advised to ignore these limits this weekend.

The whisperers also said that GameStop had previously been advised it would have access to up to 100 units per store, as opposed to up to 30 Xbox One units.

The question of how many PlayStation 4 units will be available day one is quite an important one as the PlayStation 3 suffered shortages at launch, and its release outside North America and Japan was delayed. Its' especially concerning given that Andrew House has warned that demand could potentially outstrip supply.

The PlayStation 4 was not believed to have been finalised until sometime between its February reveal and E3 2013; however, that's not to say Sony hadn't ramped up manufacture of internal components well ahead of time.

The PlayStation 4 is due before the end of the year and will retail at $399.

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