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Pitfall! now free-to-play on iOS with new Relic Rush mode

Pitfall! the re-imagining of Atari's retro classic has now gone free-to-play on iOS, and comes with a brand new Relic Rush mode to celebrate. It's a third-person take on the original, with plenty of sliding, jumping, swinging, motorbike sections and the occasional whipping of snakes to enjoy. Check out the details and screens below.

Developed by The Blast Furnace, Pitfall! is now completely free on iPhone 4 and above, as well as all versions of iPad. You can download it right here.

Relic Rush mode is chock-full of time trial challenges, more loot to grab and extra outfits for adventurer Pitfall Harry that give him special buffs.

Here's a gameplay trailer. It almost looks like a take on Joe Danger, doesn't it?

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Thanks Polygon.

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