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Pikachu 3DS XL releasing in December, packshot here

Nintendo is a big cold on the whole limited edition 3DS models thing here in Europe, so it's nice to see that we're getting the Pikachu yellow edition before the year is through. Check out the packshot and design below.

Nintendo Life reports that the Pikachu yellow 3DS XL will launch across Europe from December 7th and will cost £179.99.

Here's a packshot:

And the decal:

That's not all. Europe will get two versions of the 3DS XL white console - one with Super Mario 3D Land pre-loaded, and another with Mario Kart 7 installed. The Mario Kart 7 model goes on sale from November 16th while the Mario 3D Land version hits November 30th at £179.99.

Nice, but where's Europe's Charizard 3DS XL model Nintendo, eh?

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