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Pier Solar HD Kickstarter: Mega Drive RPG makes $73,459 in three days

Pier Solar is the newest Mega Drive cartridge, created in 2010 by indie developer WaterMelon. For those of you who traded in your Mega Drive for an original PlayStation in 1995, worry not. The team is using Kickstarter to fund an HD edition, and it's already half-way funded. Check it out below.

WaterMelon is using its Kickstarter hub to bring the RPG to Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux and Dreamcast. It has made $73,459 with 26 days of funding left. It needs $139,000 to become fully-funded. Fans of Shining Force, Soliel, Landstalker and other 16-bit RPGs should check it out.

Check out these lush HD screens:

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