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Phoenix Point delayed to 2019

Phoenix Point, the crowdfunded title that's the spiritual successor to the original XCOM, has been pushed back to June 2019.

The campaign came to Fig a year ago, and was initially set for release this year. Creator of XCOM and Phoenix Point, Julian Gollop, announced the delay, with a new release date of July 2019.

"Our crowdfunding campaign last year was very successful," he said in a backer update, "but we needed to expand the team to meet the high production values that we were aiming for...

"In order to meet the quality that many people expect and to use the full potential of our expanded team, I've decided to push back our target release date to June 2019."

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Gallop went on to say that they would continue to deliver builds to backers right up until the release date.

You can take a look at some Phoenix Point gameplay right here to tide you over for 13 months.

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