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Peter Molyneux says "Fable," "MMO" and "world of Albion" in close proximity


Uh oh. Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux's dropped a reasonably unsubtle hint that Fable may have an online future. Like, online online.

"Whatever happens in the future of Fable, I don't want you to think you know exactly what features are going to be in there," he said to Eurogamer, speaking at GDC.

"Don't think about this as an RPG franchise - think about it as the world of Albion.

"There's a niche for Fable as there's humour in there and there's a Britishness and I think we'll keep that side of it. But whether it's more action or RPG or MMO or some new genre - that's what we have to do."

Is this the first-party 360 MMO you're looking for? If it is, will everyone have their own dog?

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