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Persona 5 screens escape Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Persona 4: Dancing All Night contains a series of Persona 5 images. Let's look at 'em.

Persona developer Atlus put a neat little reward for the faithful in spin-off title Persona 4: Dancing All Night: a collection of artwork and screenshots of the upcoming Persona 5.

Naturally, because this is the Internet, they've been posted on Imgur for absolutely everyone ahead of the game's Japanese release this week. Welp.

There's a massive appetite for anything related to Persona 5, which is why we're so frustrated with the project's silence - even the E3 trailer was pretty much a wash.

Persona 5 is expected sometime this year on PlayStation 3 and PS4. Persona 4: Dancing All Night comes west in September, for Vita.

Thanks, /r/games.

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