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Persona 2 PSP comparison shots show new interface, visuals


Siliconera's posted up a bunch of screens showing off the differences between the PSone and PSP versions of Persona 2, and it looks as though it's had more than its fair share of paint-licking.

The PSP remake of the classic Atlus RPG features new additions such as a turn order and emotion gauge during demon negotiation, and it looks as though general visual aspects have been greatly bumped.

The battle interface has been redone as well. As Destructoid notes, "an optional memory install will be available to reduce load times, and the battle system will be tweaked to match the changes made in Eternal Punishment (the Persona 2 installment that DID make it over). People not fond of difficulty will even be able to change settings mid-game (a first for any Persona title)."

Watch the intro video here. There's no date as yet.

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