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Persona PSP pub "looking into" digital AU releases

Good news for Antipodean JRPG fans - European publisher Ghostlight is planning to bring its entire catalogue to the local PlayStation Storefront.

In a post on the company website, Ghostlight acknowledged its lack of presence on the Australian PSN.

"We agree that this is most distressing and I’m pleased to say that we are looking into bringing all of our games onto the Australian PSN store, with the mighty [Persona 3 Portable] leading the way," the post continued.

Ghostlight's digital release plans don't stop there - the publisher is considering giving PSN purchasers access to some of the bonus materials found in its special UMD editions, offering soundtracks for sale, and giving discounts on UMD editions when a digital version is purchased.

Ghostlight's catalogue includes a number of Atlus titles including recent Persona Portable releasess, as well as the Agarest, Spectral Souls, and Legend of Heroes series.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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