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Persona 1 and 2 are getting remakes, or at least an "updated form," a prominent Atlus leaker has claimed

But where's Persona 6?

Persona 2 key art showing two of the main cast stood in front of their respective Personas.
Image credit: Atlus

It seems like remakes of the first two Persona games could be on the way, though they might not be outright remakes.

There's been a number of prominent leakers over the years, but more recently the one with the most consistent track record appears to be one that goes by the name Midori. She accurately reported on the Sonic Fall Guys clone before it was properly leaked last month, and she also shared that Persona 3 Reload would be getting The Answer as DLC before that was officially revealed, as well as other details to do with Atlus and Sega games. Now, responding to a user on Twitter about hypothetical remakes, Midori said "Yes. [Persona 1] and [Persona 2] are going to receive remakes too."

Another user then responded to her on Twitter hoping she meant full on remakes as opposed to remasters, prompting Midori to respond, "To be safe, I will call it updated form for right now." So, yes, they could be getting remakes, but don't necessarily expect them to be as full on as Persona 3 Reload. Whatever form they might take, the only question I have about them is how the hell are they going to handle the character Fuhrer who literally just looks like Adolf Hitler from Persona 2 (and no, this isn't a joke).

In a separate tweet, Midori did also say that Persona 4 will get a remake too, but everyone needs to "wait for a while." You can always just play Persona 4 Golden on current-gen consoles in the meantime.

On top of that, everyone is of course waiting on Persona 6, especially considering the fact it's almost been a decade since Persona 5 was released. Midori hasn't shared many details about 6, but she did say that the colour theme for the sequel will be green, potentially confirming a theory fans had about some art featuring all of the series' protagonists. You'll just have to wait and see for now, though.

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