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Perfect Dark finally makes a return at the Xbox showcase with a brand-new gameplay trailer

During Summer Game Fest, 2024, Perfect Dark makes its first appearance in years.

Perfect Dark header
Image credit: The Coaliton
In a surprise appearance, Perfect Dark has returned in a stunning trailer shown off during the Xbox showcase. We finally get a peak at some gameplay, including some sneaking, action, and some beautiful cityscapes to explore. It's also playable day one on Game Pass.

Taking place in LA during Summer Game Fest 2024, the game has not been seen since its initial reveal trailer back during the 2020 Game Awards. Created by Crystal Dynamics, it's been bubbling away behind the scenes until now.

Perfect Dark trailer hereWatch on YouTube

Aside from previous official reveals, a report back in May pointed to the game's difficult development period, with years of setbacks and development woes halting much progress. Nonetheless, it appears as if these hurdles have been somewhat overcome with this new showing.

Perfect Dark of course isn't a new IP, standing out as one of Rare's many classics back at the turn of the century. This reboot, giving a new spin to the world and its characters, making a showing almost 25 years later is certainly a big deal.

Are you excited to jump into Perfect Dark? Let us know below!

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