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PEGI people warn over planned changes to UK classification

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The Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) isn't happy over reported plans to change UK games classifications, saying that bringing in a cinema-style system to handle regulation would be a "step backwards".

"I would resent the idea of equating games to movies," said ISFE director general Patrice Chazerand. "It's a step backwards. If we are to see a move to movie-like classification, I would see it as a mistake. But I cannot speak for the UK public - or the government. If your Government goes for a national solution over a pan-European one, I would take it as a blow to PEGI and not a reflection of the industry being global."

The notion of a new classification system being brought into the UK was widely reported two weeks ago, when the UK's national press leaked information supposedly contained within the Byron Report, a government-commissioned paper on the nature of violent games and suggested measures to regulate them.

The report, compiled by ex-TV psychiatrist Tanya Byron, is to be delivered next month.

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