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Path of Exile patch adds loads of new features

Indie ARPG Path of Exile will update this week with two new hardcore leagues; some user-friendly new options; unique items; and more.

The patch adds two new four month leagues, Anarchy and Onslaught, both of which kick off on June 8.

In the Anarchy league, players will face off against AI opponents with all the same powers as player characters, while the Onlaught league is designed to be extremely difficult.

The two leagues introduce six new base items to find - three rings and three amulets - as well as some new uniques.

Although it's not ready for an achievements system, Grinding Gears has introduced a series of challenges spread across normal play and the two new leagues. These are designed to test the best players - but Grinding Gears expects players to have conquered them by the release of Act 3 in October.

The patch also brings about a major rebalance, and as a result, players will be given a one-use token to reset their passive skill tree.

Crafting fans will be pleased to hear about the Eternal Orb, a new currency item which saves an Imprint of an item so you can later restore its properties; while Eternal Orbs can be traded, the Imprints they produce cannot be, and they also only apply to the original item.

The update will also allow party leaders to elect one of a couple of methods of item allocation, and adds the option for life bars on allies and enemies.

The patch is expected on June 5, NZ time. The major changes are discussed in a forum thread and the full patch notes for update 0.11.0 are also available.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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