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Path of Exile: Expedition, the action-RPG's latest expansion, is available now

Free-to-play RPG, Path of Exile, has a brand new expansion, Path of Exile: Expedition, available to play right now, and it adds a lot of new content.

The latest expansion to the renowned free-to-play title is available now on PC, and will be coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles on July 28, per the developer (and it will be available on both consoles via backwards compatibility).

"Significant updates have been added with the Expedition expansion, including the Expedition Challenge League, four new merchant NPCs, 19 new Skill and Support Gems, massive balance changes, a flask system rework, plus some new item types," says Grinding Gear Games.

Developer Grinding Gear Games has also made some pretty robust changes to the Path of Exile: Royale game mode – initially announced as an April Fool’s gag in 2018. Path of Exile: Royale was a temporary game mode for the action role-playing game that tasked 100 players in a last-man-standing match on a large island, lampooning other battle royale titles.

The mode "has been totally re-worked to feature a better spectator mode, leaderboards, improved terrain, interface upgrades, flask-refreshing troves and more," says the developer in a press release.

The peculiar game mode is available to play again for this weekend, and will then be available every weekend until the end of the new Expedition League.

Hopefully, all this new content is going to help you kill time until Path of Exile 2 – which probably won’t be released until 2022.

Path of Exile 2 was announced at Grinding Gear’s ExileCon in November 2019 with the aim of having a beta for the game out by “very late 2020.” The original free-to-play action RPG was released in 2013 for PC, before coming to Xbox One in 2017 and PlayStation 4 in 2019, and players are eager to see what the developer will be able to cook up in its next big release.

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