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Patent reveals unannounced Wii motorcycle, jet ski games

Let's play What Might Have Been, with this patent for a lost WiiMote and Balance Board combo motorcycle and jet ski games.

Siliconera turned up a patent filing from Nintendo Software Technology, the studio behind the Mario vs Donkey Kong series and now-shelved Project H.A.M.M.E.R.

The illustrations show off a couple of control schemes, one with the Nunchuk and WiiMote emulating the sweep of a cruiser bike's handlebars, and another with the WiiMote on its own in the hunch position.

Tilting the controls forward and back provided acceleration and braking, while optional Balance Board use allowed for leaning into curves. Ramps and jumps could be taken with greater or lesser air time by pointing the illusory vehicle's nose up or down.

Nintendo has never announced either game, and although it's not impossible that this is still on the cards, the Wii's sadly fading star suggests it's a remote probability. See what I did there.

Hit the link above for more diagrammatic illustrations and details.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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