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Panzer Dragoon vets working on Project Draco

Some of the team who've worked on Panzer Dragoon are working on spiritual sequel Project Draco, Panzer and Draco creator Yukio Futatsugi has said.

"Tomohiro Kondo, who was one of the original members, is the game design lead on this project," Futatsugi told Gamasutra in an interview based on the Kinect action title.

"There's also Manabu Kusunoki, who is doing the design concepts here. The programming team, as well; the lead programmer on Draco was at Team Andromeda from pretty much the very beginning. Saori Kobayashi, too, on the sound side."

Futatsugi confirmed it's still to decide on a final title for the game, but said "several candidates" were in mind.

There's more from the interview in the link above. Hit our impressions from TGS by Brenna here.

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