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Pachter: Microsoft is "foolish" to aim for number one

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Speaking in the latest OXM podcast, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter has said that he believes Microsoft is "foolish" to be worried about leading the console war.

"I personally think that, with a lot of respect for the Microsoft guys...I don't mean to diss them at all...I think they're foolish to even worry about who's first and who's second. I think that's just stupid," he said.

"You can be second or third and still make a buttload of money. I don't ever hear Activision or Ubisoft saying that they just hate being second or third and that they envy EA so much that they can't stand it. They both make a lot of money, and are very happy to thrive."

He added: "I don't understand why Microsoft has to be first. It is part of their DNA, but they really don't need to be first if they're profitable. To finish first and lose a few hundred million dollars a year is a bad idea. To finish third and make a few hundred million dollars a year is a good idea."

Thanks, Next-Gen.

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