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OZombie is the latest Kickstarter from American McGee

Spicy Horse has launched a new crowdfunding campaign for a steampunk zombie battler set in the land of Oz.

OZombie is headed for Linux, Mac, PC and high-end tablets thanks to Unity and has players joining forces with the Tin Woodsman and the Lion against Scarecrow's mindless army.

The game draws not just on the first and most famous Oz book, but all 14 of Frank L Baum's efforts - and run through the aesthetic and creative filter of American McGee and Spicy Horse, best known for Alice: Madness Returns and Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.

Interestingly, OZombie is a single-player action-adventure but allows multiplayer once you've completed the campaign, with raids and tournaments playable with a number of characters.

Spicy Horse plans to localise the game for worldwide launch and to release without DRM, although you'll need a one-time registration to play single-player offline. Gameplay apparently involved "a variety of perspectives and game modes with a focus on roleplaying, tactical combat, exploration, and storytelling".

Check out the pitch video and some assets below, and throw a few dollars in the hat if it pleases you; Spicy Horse is after $950,000, and there are a variety of rewards available.

The project was unveiled in May as a candidate for the developer's next crowdfunded game; Spicy Horse spoke to Dave about it and another possible title, Alice: Otherlands, which required EA to give up the Alice rights.

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