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Overwatch's 'capture the flag' mode will live on beyond the Year of the Rooster event

Overwatch's latest seasonal mode will be sticking around once the event has ended.

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In the latest developer update, Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan details the upcoming server browser, and how this will allow capture the flag to live on as a custom game mode. The mode is currently available to try out on the Public Test Realm.

"There's a lot of times where players want to try different things, and play the game in different ways", Kaplan says, "and it's not really viable for us to put up a matchmaking system where we can feed everyone into everybody's different custom games". The server browser will come alongside a big update to custom games, including the ability to gain experience within them.

CTF will work across twelve maps, including the three already available in the current Capture the Rooster map. Presumably, these nine new maps will be pulled from the three different zones of the game's capture maps, Nepal, Ilios, and Oasis.

The mode will be customisable, so different rules can be set depending on player preference. Hero abilities can be toggled on or off, the rules for grabbing the flag can be altered, characters allowed can be changed - and this will be true of all maps and modes, so you can speed up payloads or disable specific character abilities if you want.

These changes will be the focus of the game's next major patch, although an exact date was not given.

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