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Overwatch spectator mode now shows character health bars

Overwatch's spectator mode has seen a small, but very crucial addition recently: health bars.

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If you've ever watched pro Overwatch livestreams in which the point of view wasn't one of the players on the ground, you may have noticed how hard it can be to judge the situation.

This is because, until now, the game's spectator mode did not show player health bars. Thankfully, the most recent PTR update changed this (via PCGamesN), making things much easier to read at a glance.

The feature can be toggled on or off through the spectator mode options, as you can see in Doa's video above. As the player notes, this goes a long way in helping casters better relay the action to viewers, especially when spotting heroic, near-death feats.

The feature is available to PTR players, but Doa believes it will be go live for everyone sooner rather than later.

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