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Overwatch - Is this 3D model change teasing the arrival of Doomfist?

The most recent PTR update for Overwatch has made one specific change that fans are speculating is another Doomfist teaser.


Doomfist has long been rumoured to be the next Overwatch character, with references to him appearing as far back as the game's first cinematic trailer.

But, outside of certain in-game mentions, and the constant teasers from actor Terry Crews, we've yet to hear official world from Blizzard. A recent update to the game's PTR may be hinting that this is about to change, though.

The update made a change to the model of the payload cart on the map Numbani. Spotted by one Reddit user the new model shows broken pieces of glass around the case that houses Doomfist's gauntlet, as if the thing is breaking out.

This is just a 3D model that was found within the update's files, however, as the in-game payload still looks the same whether you're playing the live or PTR version of Numbani. You can see the difference in the gallery below.

That's not all, the original Redditor who unearthed the files also revealed that the update added 136 new models. These models are encrypted, so we can't quite see what they are. That said, we can at least theorise that some form of new content is on its way, whether Doomfist-related or not, remains to be seen.

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