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Overwatch is teasing new Archive event, possibly new hero

It looks like Blizzard is gearing up for some big Overwatch reveals.

The official Overwatch site posted an in-universe newspaper interview about a rum distillery in Havana, Cuba. This is how Blizzard typically likes to hint at upcoming events or heroes, though this time it's a bit less clear.

In the paper, Marise Solis interviews Alicia Diaz, great-granddaughter of Clara, and Basilio Diaz. The pair established the distillery, and with it the Don Rumbotico brand.

The piece talks about their humble beginnings, and a brand that's hardly known outside Havana. Then, a big company offers them a lot of money for the distillery. When they refuse, shipments start going missing, and the distillery was eventually burned down in what they believe is arson.

Of course, fans were quick to suggest the mystery organisation behind it was Talon, wrongdoers of the Overwatch universe. We could be looking at a new map set in Havana, or perhaps a new limited event.

This time of the year is usually when Overwatch Archive PvE events tend to happen, so it's possible that's what Blizzard is teasing here.

After this newspaper clip was posted, the official Overwatch twitter account dropped another teaser. This time, more specifically highlighting someone called Sojourn, who sends a voice message to Soldier76 about going after Doomfist's accountant Maximilien.

The message suggests Soldier76 picks Tracer, Mercy, Winston, and Genji for the mission, which may indicate that those four will be the heroes featured in the event - assuming it is an Archive event. Sojourn herself may be a hero debuting with the event, though that may be less likely considering we only just got Baptiste.

Archive events are the closest thing we get to story missions in Overwatch, hence the heavy story focus. This will likely become clearer later this week, assuming it does drop in April.

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