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Overwatch brought in more money than any other paid PC game in 2016

Even when you don't include free-to-play games, the digital market for paid PC games has had a solid year, with Overwatch in the lead.


SuperData Research has published a new report that takes a look at overall spending on digital games across the different markets, for PC, consoles, and mobile.

Unsurprisingly, Overwatch generated a massive share of revenue on PC. We're talking about the premium, paid PC market here, not including free-to-play, which would definitely change up the picture.

Overwatch overtook titans like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Minecraft, generating $585.6 million in revenue. This amounts to over 10 percent of the entire premium PC market, worth $5.4 billion.

In terms of regions, Europe had the lion share of the market, generating $2.7 billion, followed by North America with $1.8 billion.

It's also worth noting that Overwatch is the most recent release out of all games on the list. Meaning it had the shortest time to reach top-grossing status, which is very impressive. That said, the game failed to break the top 5 most grossing console games.

Here's the top 5 paid PC games based on revenue:

  • Overwatch - $585.6M
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - $257.2M
  • Guild Wars 2 - $91.0M
  • Minecraft - $88.7M
  • Fallout 4 - $74.9M

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