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Outside Xbox reaches over 1 million subscribers

Outside Xbox became Gamer Network's most popular YouTube channel, surpassing 1 million subscribers.


YouTube channel Outside Xbox has reached over 1 million subscribers. The milestone was revealed earlier in a press release.

The number represents a 200% year-on-year growth for the channel, owned to its 25 million monthly views.

Launching back in August 2012, Outside Xbox serves game previews, news, a weekly show, as well as other content. It, alongside partner channels from VG247 such as Arekkz, Westie and more, helped Gamer Network reach over 2 million monthly subscribers that watch 50 million videos.

Outside Xbox will be livestreaming from EGX this September.

VG247 is part of Gamer Network, publisher of Outside Xbox, Eurogamer and others.

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