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Origin client update to add Twitch.TV streaming function

Origin will be updated over the next few days with a couple of new features including TwitchTV integration and the ability to add non-Origin titles to your collection.

As detailed in an EA blog post, players will be able to sync their Origin ID to an existing or new Twitch account, and then quickly switch their Origin games into broadcast mode.

Twitch broadcast mode is activated form the usual Origin In Game menu, and an on-screen indicator will remind you that you're still online, how many viewers you have, and how long you've breen streaming. This display can be deactivated if you prefer.

The broadcast mode is quite customisable; users can choose resolution and frame rate. EA plans to add more Twitch features to Origin in the future, too.

The second major feature coming in this update is the ability to add games purchased from other sources into your My Games library - which means you can use the Twitch broadcast feature for any game you own.

Otherwise, it's small stuff - the friends list has been tweaked for better performance and more information; the task bar icon now includes several right-click menu shortcuts; and there's a feedback survey in addition to various optimisations and enhancements.

Origin is EA's PC digital distiburion platform in addition to central gamer identity scheme; you need to have an Origin ID to access many online features of console games.

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