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OnLive heading to UK, Facebook, and new devices

In an attempt to out-news the news, OnLive has announced a new controller; Facebook integration; a hardware deal with Intel; that it's porting across the pond - and more.

GamesIndustry reports OnLive is set to launch in the UK in northern autumn, and to gradually release in other European territories. will begin taking sign-ups for "founding members" on Tuesday evening, British time.

In the near future, users will be able to launch games directly from Facebook, presumably via an app. You'll be able to post brag clips of your gaming to your Facebook profile, as well as leave comments on OnLive Pages.

That's not where the "media-rich social dimension" ends, though - OnLive is buffing up its developer kits, pushing for built-in cross-game voice chat and spectating.

A deal with Intel will soon see OnLive available direct from a number of devices including TVs, BluRay players and set-top boxes, meaning there'll be no need for the company's micro-consoles; no wonder they've been giving them out willy-nilly the last year. Anything sporting an Atom Processor CE4100 will become a streaming gaming-capable device.

Since you'll eventually be able to use OnLive on your PC, Mac, tablet, TV, smartphone, set top boxes, blu-ray player and goodness knows what else, OnLive is introducing an universal wireless controller which can be used with a number of different devices.

Engadget had a video of the controller in action; check it out below.

OnLive currently hosts over 100 games and is constantly expanding. It boasts a premium subscription "all you can eat" service as well as a game-by-game purchase option.

Homefront is the first AAA title to be added to the $9.99 monthly subscription, and Disney Interactive jumping on board, bringing the total number of publishers allied with the service to 50.

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