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OFLC rates Project Red from EA


E3 doesn't start in June, you know. It really begins in May. This probably proves it.

The Australian ratings board, the OFLC, has up a listing on a new title called "Project Red" from EA.

It's officially unknown what it could be, but finger pointing seems to be aimed at a reboot from Swedish studio Starbeeze on the old Peter Molyneux/Bullfrog IP, Syndicate, but only if the filing is related to the original codename that was given to the game, Project Redlime.

It was only back in March that the studio had canned one of its two projects in development, which soon turned out to be a title based on the Jason Bourne IP it was making. The second title was RedLime.

Recent trademark filings also suggest that the reboot may well be on its way back in.

Now E3 want we. Please? Pretty please?

Thanks, Joystiq.

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