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EA issues work around for freezing in Syndicate co-op until it's fixed

Syndicate players have reported game freezes on Xbox 360 during co-op matches, and a quick fix has been issueed while EA, which is aware of the problem, works on the cause.

"If you're experiencing freezing during a multiplayer match this may be due to a conflict between XBL Party Chat and the default in-game chat," EA told Shack.

"We've sent this issue on to the team and they will look further into it, but in the meantime try jumping out of your Party Chat and using the in-game channel to see if this fixes the issue."

EA wants anyone who has experienced the bug on any platform, be it PC, PS3 or Xbox 360, to post feedback on its forums so it can work on a fix.

Syndicate released earlier this week.

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