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Oculus Rift venture funds used to expand staff, no new platforms planned

Oculus Rift is using the $16 million in venture capital it raised recently to expand its already top-notch team of engineers.

"We're using the funding to ramp up on hiring more smart people, the best and brightest that we can find," CEO Brendan Iribe told Engadget.

Iribe said the majority of new employees will be engineers, but apart from the new hires little will change at the tech company, which will remain focused on building the world's best VR platform.

"The dev kit as it is now, that we're shipping, will stay the same, and the software side will just keep getting better," he said.

Rhe money won't be used to develop the tech for other platforms, unfortunately.

"We're always looking at other platforms - looking at consoles, we're also looking at Android and the mobile side in a big way - but right now we really are focused on the PC platform," Iribe said.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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