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Oculus Rift support for Elite: Dangerous confirmed

Elite: Dangerous will now fully support the Rift, unlike what were lead to believe.

elite_dangerous_wings (6)

Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier has confirmed that the space simulation game will indeed support the consumer version of Oculus Rift, 1.0, upon release.

Having revealed before it was focusing on SteamVR, CEO David Braben confirmed to Ars Technica that he wasn't able to talk about Rift support prior to Oculus' public announcement.

The game will also be coming to the Oculus Store on launch, March 28. All current owners get the Oculus version for free, and the Elite supports cross-platform play between all versions.

Current owners of the game (either Steam or directly through Frontier) will also get Rift support via a free update, if they don't wish to go through the Oculus Store.

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