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Obduction is a spiritual successor to Myst and Riven from Cyan and is on Kickstarter

Obduction is an adventure game on Kickstarter from Cyan Worlds, the creators of Myst and Riven, which is in need of $1.1 million to develop the title.

Set for release on Windows and Mac, with a targeted release of mid-to-late 2015, Obduction is an all-new, real-time, first-person adventure that "harkens back to the spirit of Cyan’s earlier games Myst and Riven."

Here's the official blurb: "Obduction resurrects that incredible feeling of suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a new world to explore, discover, solve, and become part of."

The pitch video shows off Unreal Engine 4 artwork as well as some details from Cyan's Rand Miller.

With 20 days left, 1,476 backers have already pledged $86,455. Hit up the link for more information.

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