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Nuclear launch detected: 2K to stream "something big" from PAX


Something big, eh? Now, 2K, would you say it's "Duke Nukem's biceps" big? Or "Duke Nukem's mouth" big?

Excuse us. We seem to be on some kind of Duke Nukem kick tonight. Weird, huh?

"That’s right… Something big is going to happen at the 2K Games Booth this PAX – and we want to share it with everyone – whether or not you are at the show. We’ll be streaming the first day of PAX live from our booth and giving you exclusive access to everything we’re doing – and it’s going to be AWESOME," 2K senior manager of interactive marketing Elizabeth Tobey wrote on 2K's official blog.

All you need to do is point your browser in the direction of this live stream and you'll be good to go.

But we're impatient and hate waiting, so it's time to unwrap our PAXmas presents early. First up, there's Randy Pitchford's none-too-subtle response to last month's Duke Nukem Forever rumor. If he had sung the letters "P," "A," and "X" to the tune of "YMCA" - with hand motions - it might have been a bit more subdued.

Then there's a recent tweet from 3D Realms founder George Broussard, which simply links to a picture of a pig flying - perhaps in reference to his infamous line from a 2006 interview in which he declared that the game would finally escape from development hell "when pigs fly."

So watch the skies, folks. If you see a pig - or even hear a faint oink on the wind - then that's Duke's herald. The Silver Surfer to Duke's Galactus.

Or you could just watch the live stream in a few hours. That'd probably be a bit more practical. And possible.

PAX starts this morning, PST.

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