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NPD: digital brings Q1 2013 spend on par with 2012

The NPD Group believes total spend among US game consumers has not declined since 2012 despite depressing result at retail, thanks to growing digital spend.

In its Games Market Dynamics: U.S study, as reported by GameInformer, the NPD found a total spend of $3.5 billion in the first quarter of 2013.

That's absolutely flat compared to the same quarter of 2012 - despite significant differences in the monthly retail tracking reports the firm produces.

Of that total spend figure, physical console and PC games sold at retail accounted for $1.37 billion, and used game sales and rentals brought in another $559 million.

The largest segment was, of course, digital spending - full games, add-ons and expansions, subscriptions, micro-transactions, mobile and social, with $1.59 billion.

Although specific figures were not recounted, the digital spend side has increased since 2012.

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