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The first trailer for The Lighthouse director's Nosferatu wants to remind you vampires didn't always sparkle in the sun

He is coming.

Willem Dafeo in 2024's Nosferatu, he's dressed in old attire, holding some kind of metal container stood in what looks like a mausoleum, which is partially on fire.
Image credit: Focus Entertainment

The first trailer for Robert Eggers' Nosferatu is finally here, and it's looking like a real throwback to early 1900s horror.

Eggers, best known for directing 2015's The Witch and 2019's The Lighthouse, has been working on a remake of the 1922 classic horror flick Nosferatu since around 2015, and yesterday after some hiccoughs here and there, the first teaser trailer for it arrived. The film has quite the stacked cast, as Eggers is once again reuniting with Willem Dafoe, who's portraying Professor Albin Eberhart Von Franz, which is quite the title. Leading the film is Lily-Rose Depp as Ellen Hutter, a woman the titular Nosferatur is apparently obsessed with, while The Menu's Nicholas Hoult plays her husband, Thomas Hutter, a real estate agent whose latest client just so happens to also be the famous and centuries-old vampire.

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In the titular role is regular weirdo-player Bill Skarsgård, who you will have seen as Pennywise in the modern It films, and is set to star in the upcoming (and quite controversial) remake of The Crow. The rest of the cast includes some other big names like Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick Ass), Ralph Ineson (Final Fantasy 16), and Emma Corrin (Deadpool & Wolverine). An official logline for the film explains that it's a "gothic tale of obsession between a haunted young woman and the terrifying vampire infatuated with her, causing untold horror in its wake," which certainly sounds like a horror film from the early 1900s.

The film was originally set to include frequent collaborator of Eggers' Anya Taylor-Joy, who you would have recently seen in the quite good Furiosa, and for One Direction member turned solo artist turned actor Harry Styles in the roles of Ellen and Thomas Hutter, though both had to drop up to scheduling conflicts.

Those of you looking forward to checking Nosferatu out have a little while to wait though, as it's not due out until Christmas Day, an obviously seasonally appropriate film.

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