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Nomura: "Kingdom Hearts 3 depends on FF Versus XIII"

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts III is coming sometime, according to creator Tetsuya Nomura. But when? It so happens to depend on what happens with Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Speaking in a Ultimania Guide for PSP spin-off Birth By Sleep, Nomura says that the title he's currently directing for PS3 will decide when - or if - KH3 happens.

"About the next title, Kingdom Hearts 3 depends on Final Fantasy XIII Versus," he said, further adding the next title in the series is already in development. Nomura's already said the next game won't be KH III, with at least one title to release in Japan this year.

When Kingdom Hearts III does eventually drop, the dev insists it wont be the end of the series, with Sora to carry on as the main lead character until the series does end.

He stated he would like to release a Kingdom Hearts game that had "multiple main characters" for this year's title.

Finally, on the overseas version of Birth By Sleep - which was confirmed to get both US and European releases last week - Nomura said: "We added the Critical degree of difficulty, more cutscenes, more songs to the Rhythmic Ice Cream mini game, more Keyblades, more types of enemies and altered battle balance.

"I still can’t say we’ll release a Final Mix, but we can’t give it the generous treatment like with Re:Chain of Memories [Game Boy Advance spin-off]."

Thanks, Lucky.

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