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No Man’s Sky Money Making Guide

Our galactic get-rich-quick scheme, how to make money fast in No Man’s Sky.

We're currently in the process of updating our No Man's Sky Guides so that they are in line with the new Beyond update. As a result some of the info on this page might not be applicable post-update.

No Man's Sky just received a huge update which changed the game's resources, methods for selling them, and how farming works. As a result, some of the money-making schemes you may have adopted before are no longer relevant. Don't worry though, as we've been busy pulling together an updated list on the best ways to make money in No Man's Sky. We'll go over the best resources to target, and some general tips on getting more units in No Man's Sky.

No Man’s Sky Money Guide - How to Make Units Fast

Almost every action in No Man’s Sky results in a little pop-up rewarding you galactic units. There are however, some ways of earning that dough, ways that will ensure you are making the absolute best possible use of your time. In this guide we’ll give you our recommendations on what to focus on, if making money is your main focus.

Fastest Way to Earn Money in No Man’s Sky

In our time with the game, we’ve managed to compile some sure-fire ways to get rich in No Man’s Sky. You can find all of them in the following list, here’s how to make money fast in No Man’s Sky:

  • Complete missions, they often involve pretty quick and low effort objectives, but also high amounts of units.
  • Buy more Frigates as early as you can. You can send multiple ones out on missions at a time and make some large amounts of money for essentially just waiting out the clock
  • Keep an eye out for Humming Eggs and Gravitino Balls, these are very valuable resources, but caution should be taken when collecting them as nearby Sentinels will be triggered.
  • Check out the farming video embedded below for a way to make crazy amounts of units each hour.
  • Prioritize the Scanner upgrades, you’ll receive a lot of units for just scanning flora and fauna.
  • Build a base and start farming as soon as you can.
  • Look out for planets containing Chlorine, it's very valuable, and super easy to farm.
  • After collecting all of the farming blueprints, you can focus on farming Stasis Devices, you can sell them for huge amounts of money.
  • Early on, look for asteroids containing gold or platinum. Fly around close to a planet and you’ll eventually see huge asteroid fields that are obviously very valuable.
  • Take on ship bounties.
  • Upgrade storage slots as soon as you can, they are a worthwhile investment as they make your farming runs more profitable by allowing you to store more in your ship.
  • Land on a planet and get scanning! You’ll get a quarter of a million units for a full planet discovery.
  • Remember to upload your discoveries in the discovery menu, you’ll get units every time.
  • Upgrade to an advanced mining beam, you'll get access to rare minerals and will be able to farm faster.
  • Craft and sell Bypass Chips, they’re made from Iron and Plutonium and guarantee a profit.
  • Take note of the relative prices of certain materials in different areas. If you see a resource being sold on the cheap in one system, then buy it and sell it elsewhere.
  • Always keep in mind that as you sell more and more of a specific resource in the same system, the amount you get for it will decrease after a while. This is due to the market becoming saturated with that particular resource, which makes demand lower and therefore the price as well.
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No Man's Sky Make Money Fast - Whispering Egg Farming

One of the best ways to make money in No Man's Sky is to go after Whispering Eggs. They're incredible dangerous to collect, as breaking them spawns biological horrors which can kill you very quickly indeed. There are some ways to easily get them though, which we've outlined below.

  • Whispering Eggs can be found outside abandoned buildings, you can locate them using your analysis visor.
  • To break open an egg, use your mining beam.
  • What you'll want to do is stand on top of the building next to the eggs, and shoot the eggs to a point where they are just about to break.
  • Then, shoot some eggs and break them open, but make sure they are on the opposit side to the ones you're mining.
  • Biological horrors will spawn on that side of the building, so break open the ones on the opposite side, and fly down to collect them.
  • You can keep repeating this until all of the eggs are farmed, they'll net you around 90,000 units a piece, so definitely worth the trouble.

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Those are the best ways to make units in No Man’s Sky. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guide on how to manage your inventory in No Man’s Sky, and our No Man’s Sky Tips Guide.

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