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No 3DS titles coming this fiscal year from Capcom

ssfiv 3ds

Capcom's said in its latest investors Q&A it doesn't intend to release any 3DS titles during the rest of the fiscal year.

The two titles the publisher's bringing to the hardware, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Resident Evil: Revelations, were listed in the "beyond" category in the report, which you can find here.

"We broke the news at E3 2010 that development is underway for Resident Evil: Revelations (tentative title) and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition," it said in the report.

"But we do not expect these titles to be ready for release this fiscal year" it went on, adding that it hadn't "set any specific dates at this time" for either title.

Nintendo's set to drop the release date and prices for 3DS at the end of September, it was announced last week.

Don't go expecting massive before then at gamescom, though: it told VG247 this morning it wouldn't be having a presser in two weeks in Germany, and will have a small booth at the Koelnmesse instead.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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