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Nioh - use this strategy for an always-charged Living Weapon

The Nioh community has come up with another way of making boss fights trivial.


Nioh offers you a wide range of skills in each of the weapon trees, not to mention the many ninja and Onmyo options at your disposal.

Because of this, the number of possible combinations, and the effect each of them has on the game's various enemies, can be harder to predict. We've already seen what using the Sloth Talisman does to bosses and other fast enemies, and another new tactic has now emerged.

The strategy, as demonstrated in the video by YouTuber PowerPyx, relies on Soulstones to charge up the Living Weapon instantly. Living Weapon amps up your damage considerably, and prevents you from losing health when taking damage.

Consuming Soulstones, and other Spirit Stones will charge up your Living Weapon, and obviously grant you some Amrita. But the trick here is to have a number of them ready so you can use Living Weapons back to back, for maximum potency.

Beware of very late-game sub-mission boss spoiler.

Watch on YouTube

With that said, this particular tactic is more risky than using the Sloth Talisman, since the damage output also takes into account how many points you put into Spirit. In addition, having a decent supply of Soulstones is not easy, since they're random drops and you've most probably used up many of them trying to level up.

In any case, it's something to consider if you're running into unbeatable bosses.

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