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Nintendo Switch videos land, one for the Super Bowl, another showing the dev menu by mistake

New videos for Nintendo Switch were released today, mainly in Europe, but the one for North America posted below will air during the Super Bowl this coming Sunday, February 5, full of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild goodness.

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The Nintendo Switch video posted below from Nintendo UK is much longer, clocking in at close to five minutes.

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All ends of Nintendo Europe released versions of the trailer above today, and according to Nintendo Everything, one branch made what seems to be a boo-boo with its trailer.

Apparently, Nintendo of Portugal showed a Switch dev kit instead of the consumer version, because the dev menu was on display. All other European trailers seemed to have edited out. One image shows controls for automatic brightness and charge percentages left for the battery. These have not been shown in previous menu images, but are standard features on tablets and smart phones.

The images also show the dev kit has 64GB of memory compared the 32GB consumer version, but this is rather standard for development kits. Whether a Switch model with extended internal memory will be released at retail in the future is unknown at this point.

We have no idea whether you care what the dev menu looks like or not, but we've posted the images below anyway courtesy of French news site Nintendo Actu.

Anyway, enjoy the trailers and the probable oopsie by Nintendo Portugal.

Nintendo Switch launches on March 3.

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