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Nintendo Switch Online gets a couple of cult classic Game Boy Advance RPGs next week

Expansion Pack's collection of GBA titles gets a little bigger.

It's finally your time, Golden Sun fans, as both it and its sequel The Lost Age are coming to Nintendo Switch Online January 17.

He might not be playable in Smash Bros, but at the very least you'll finally be able to play as Isaac in his original game, Golden Sun. Nintendo announced this week that the cult classic RPG, originally released on the Game Boy Advance in 2001, will be coming to Switch Online next week as the latest title in its collection of bonus games for subscribers. Not only that, its sequel The Lost Age, which originally released a year after the first in 2002, will also be joining Switch Online, meaning you can, at the very least, play two out of the three games in the series.

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For those new to the series, Golden Sun is an RPG made by Camelot Software Planning, a developer you'll probably know as the studio behind the Mario Golf and Tennis series. The Game Boy Advance title takes place in a fantasy world called Weyard, where you play as a group of teenagers known as Adepts, which essentially means they can use different kinds of magic. They're on a quest to protect the world from alchemy, and along the way discover why said alchemy was sealed away.

The Lost Age takes place after the events of the first game, continuing on with the first game's turn-based gameplay and magic system, this time putting you in the shoes of the previous title's antagonists. Sounds like a fun way to do a sequel, I haven't actually played the pair of games myself, but now I've got an easy way to do so it'll be hard not to!

Golden Sun and The Lost Age join titles like Metroid Fusion and The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap in the growing library of GBA games available through Switch Online, but as a reminder, you do need a subscription to the service, as well as the Expansion Pack tier, in order to play GBA games.

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