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Nintendo suspends Swapnote due to the exchange of "offensive" photos

After thanking us for our support, Nintendo has announced that it has suspended the Spotpass feature of its 3DS messaging application Swapnote (Nintendo Letter Box) due to the company discovering that some people have been "exchanging their friend codes on Internet Bulletin Boards" and then using the service to "exchange offensive material". While the announcement doesn't specify what the offensive content is, it heavily implies that it's photographic in nature. This suspension includes all regions and Nintendo doesn't have an ETA for the service's return yet.

In the announcement, Nintendo apologised for the "inconvenience to the many consumers who have been using this service responsibly", but pointed out that the company's ultimate responsibility is to the "many minors" who also use the application.

Even though I didn't write many notes using the app, I certainly enjoyed all the cute pictures more creative people would send out. Hopefully Nintendo figures out a way they can relaunch the service soon.

Thanks, Polygon.

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