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Nintendo releases video preview of 3DS Shopping Channel


NOA president and CEO Satoru Iwata showed investors this week a preview of the 3DS Shopping Channel.

In the video posted over on Joystiq, you'll get a peek at it yourself, and see some of the themed shopping racks it has.

Each one will highlight games appropriate certain themes, although these "themes" have yet to be announced.

Basic descriptions on offerings will be included along with video clips, player ratings, demos, and a basic search functionality will be included. There's even some GameBoy titles that will be up for grabs.

Nintendo will also hold a 3DS demo event in Japan from January 8–10, to "convey the message of 3D visuals to players" and reassure consumers of glasses-free gameplay.

3Ds launches in Japan on February 26 and will hit Europe and the US in March.

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