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Patents detail possibility of 3D, HD display for Wii U Controller

Patents filed with the USPTO office by Nintendo show that at some point, the firm was - and still may be - looking to incorporate HD and glasses-free 3D into its tablet-like controller for Wii U.

According to the documents dug up by Kotaku, the patents filed back in September also detail microphones which could be implemented on the "front and/or back surfaces" suggesting a voice recognition system for games or possibly voice-activated controls.

It has been confirmed the controller contains a front-facing camera, but the patent mentions the possibility of facial recognition software installed which would enable facial data to be stored on the console.

Other interesting tidbits mentioned include the following possibilities as well: web browsing; exchanging "images and sound" with other devices; and attachment support such as a gun peripheral.

The reason we continued to mention the word "possible" and its various forms over and over, is due to the patents stating that the information herein "does not correspond to any particular actual product that may be eventually be made available to consumers."

In other words, the features may or may not be part of the final product when it releases later this year. We'll know more once E3 roles around as Nintendo has said it will reintroduce the console at the event.

Thanks, CVG.

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