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Nintendo "making a big move" for indies, says Capybara

Nintendo is pulling out all the stops to bring independent games to the Wii U, according to Nathan Vella of Super Time Force, Sword & Sworcery and Critter Crunch developer Capybara Games.

"I've seen personally, first-hand, Nintendo making a big move to try and get smaller, unique, independent games on Wii U downloadable," Vella told VG247.

"They have a really great team there; Dan Edelman who runs that division is one of the raddest dudes in video games, and I would say easily one of the most respected people by the independent community.

"Nintendo is reaching out and trying to do something. They're playing catch up, obviously, and that's a hard spot to be in when it comes to getting the new stuff, but they're really putting in."

For example, Vella said, there's IGF Award winner Little Inferno, which first launched for Wii U before heading to other platforms.

Vella was speaking to Sam at an indie game showcase during which he also got a look at the Indie Fund's latest darling, Mushroom 11, as demonstrated by Braid creator Jonathan Blow, and spoke to Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime developer Asteroid Base. Full video below.

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