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Nintendo is looking to use free-form LCDs in an upcoming device - report

Nintendo is reportedly in talks to acquire free-form LCDs produced by Sharp, for use in an upcoming device.

sharp free form lcd 2

Sources revealed to JapanTimes that Nintendo is close to making a deal that will enable it to buy free-form, shape-shifting LCDs from Japanese manufacturer Sharp.

This LCD technology produces LCDs formed around a bezel that can be bent freely. Nintendo is considering creating a hole in the middle, according to another source.

Should the deal go through, Nintendo will be the first company to utilise the tech in its products. Sharp is expected to start mass production in early 2016, so don't hold your breath.

Of course, we're not sure what Nintendo is planning to implement the LCD tech into. Could be a new controller for its next-gen home console, a screen for a new handheld console, or perhaps one of its quality of life products.

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