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Nintendo explains why Super Mario 3D World didn't have online multiplayer

Super Mario 3D World producer Yoshiaki Koizumi has explained why the critically-acclaimed Wii U romp doesn't feature online multiplayer. Can you guess why?

Speaking with Game Informer, Koizumi explained, "We’ve been testing online multiplayer since the days of Super Mario Galaxy, but with this title we really wanted to deliver an experience that you can share with family, friends, or your boyfriend or girlfriend in the same place like you did with the original NES. We really want players to have fun in front of the TV, talking while they help each other out or get in each other’s way."

Now, at a time where we see a lot of folk screaming out for a return to classic split-screen play, is this a good thing, or would online multiplayer have been welcome on top of local play?


Via NintendoEverything & Nintendo Life.

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